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monessen productTake the Chill Off

You can feel the chill of fall in the air but you aren’t ready to concede to the weather and turn on your central heat. We know the feeling. Why rack up those heating bills when all you need is to take the chill, or damp off, once or twice a day?

Add Ambiance and Make Memories

It’s your turn to host the annual holiday party. The house is decorated, the family is excited. You are ready to make memories. If only you had a fireplace to gather around. Sadly, your home was built without one and the thought of remodeling makes your head, and wallet, hurt.

Stay Comfy, No Matter What Mother Nature Has in Store

It’s the dead of winter. The wind is howling outside. Snow is blowing. Suddenly your house goes dark. A winter power outage stinks. It’s cold, its dark, and you now run the risk of frozen pipes. A generator is bulky, ugly, and noisy. It doesn’t add any value to your home and you just have to store it most of the time when it’s not in use.

Zone Heating

You know how it is, no matter how much space you have, your friends and family typically gather in that same spot all the time. You know the room, near the kitchen, with the comfy chair and the big TV? That’s the one. You love your home but why bother heating those other unused spaces?